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Administrative service Tenders, Agricultural equipment Tenders, Agriculture work Tenders, Assurance Service Tenders, Audio visual equipment Tenders, Audit Service Tenders, Building Tenders, Business Consultancy Tenders, Cleaning Service Tenders, Collateral Tenders, Debt Collection Service Tenders, Decoration Item Tenders, Editorial Service Tenders, Education Service Tenders, Empty Bag Tenders, Engineering Service Tenders, Entertainment Service Tenders, Environmental Service Tenders, Evaluation Service Tenders, Farm Input Tenders, Farm Work Tenders, Fertilizer Tenders, Financial Service Tenders, Fishing Service Tenders, Food Tenders, Forestry Service Tenders, Fungicide Tenders, Graphic Design Service Tenders, Harvesting Tenders, health service Tenders, Herbicide Tenders, Hose Tenders, Human Resource Management Tenders, ICT Equipment Tenders, Insecticide Tenders, Insurance Service Tenders, Irrigation Work Tenders, Legal Service Tenders, Lodging Service Tenders, Logistic Service Tenders, Mail Service Tenders, Management service Tenders, Micro nutrients Tenders, Monitoring Service Tenders, Office Equipment Tenders, Office Furniture Tenders, Photographic equipment Tenders, Printing equipment Tenders, Project Management Tenders, Research Service Tenders, Satellite Service Tenders, Seed Tenders, Storage Service Tenders, Telecommunication Equipment Tenders, Tractor Tenders, Tractor hiring Tenders, Training Service Tenders, Transportation Tenders, Travel Service Tenders, Tricycle Tenders, Urea Tenders, Vehicle Accessories Tenders, Water Pump Tenders
Agent Tenders, Agricultural Equipment Tenders, Audio/Video Equipments Tenders, Audit Tenders, Automobile Ancillaries Tenders, Bag Tenders, Building Tenders, Catering Tenders, Cleaning Work Tenders, Consultancy Service Tenders, Courier Agency Tenders, Decoration Work Tenders, Diversified Computer Hardware And Peripherals Tenders, Environmental Work Tenders, Fertilizer Product Tenders, Fish And Sea Food Item Tenders, Food And Beverage Items Tenders, Food Grain Tenders, Horticulture Work Tenders, Hose Tenders, Hr Consultancy Tenders, Insecticides Tenders, Insurance Service Tenders, Legal Advisor Tenders, Lift Irrigation Tenders, Man Power Tenders, Office Equipments Tenders, Office Furniture Tenders, Other Medical Diagnosis Equipments Tenders, Pesticide Tenders, Printing Machinery Tenders, Printing Work Tenders, Project Management Services Tenders, Pump Tenders, Rickshaw Tenders, Seed Tenders, Survey Work Tenders, Telecommunication Stores Tenders, Tour Package Tenders, Tractor Tenders, Training Tenders, Transportation Work Tenders, Warehouse Tenders
Company Name : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Product Detail : Providing of A. ICT and Telecommunications Equipment Supplies.
B. Office Equipment, Accessories and Supplies.
C. Printing, Photographic and Audio and Visual Equipment and Supplies.
D. Office Furniture & Decoration,
E. Vehicle Supplies. Accessories and Components.
F. Supply of Agricultural. Farm Inputs, Such as I. Tractors & Tricycles ii.general Farm Equipment.
G. Others.
A. Legal Services.
B. Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Contracting Services.
C. Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services.
D. Industrial Production and Manufacturing Services.
e. Industrial Cleaning Services.
F. Environmental Services.
G. Transportation, Storage and Mail Services.
H. Management, Business Professionals and Administrative Services.
I. Engineering and Research and Technology-based Services.
Editorial, Design and Graphic Services.
Public Utilities and Public Sector Related Services.
Financial Services.
M. Insurance Services.
N. Health care Services.
Human Resources Management Services.
Education and Training Services.
Q. Travel. and Food and Lodging and Entertainment Services.
R. Personal and Domestic Services.
S. Project Management.
T. Monitoring & Evaluation.
U. Debt Recovery and Reconciliation.
V. Audit and Assurance.
Agricultural Extension Services.
Tractor Hiring Mechanization Services.
Mechanization Service.
Irrigation Service.
Logistic Service.
Farrn and Farmer Aggregation Service.
Satellite and Drone-based Services.
Agricultural Primary Processing Services.
Storage & Conditioning Services.
Collateral. Management Services.
General Agricultural Prinnan, Production services.
Agricultural Value Chain Upgrade Service.
Building and Construction Works.
Distribution and Conditioning Systems and Equipment and Components.
Land, Buildings and Structures and Thoroughfares.
4. Input Supply - Fertilizers - Urea, Tsp, Organic Fertilizer.
Seeds - Maize, Rice, Sorghum, Soybean, Cassava, Vi. Other Crops E.g. Ginger, Cotton, Etc., Vi. Other Crops E.g. Ginger, Cotton, Etc.
Mechanization - Land Ploughing, Land Harrowing, Ridging, Iv. Threshing, Mechanized Harvesting.
Crop Protection Products - I. Pre-emergence Herbicide, Ii. Post-emergence Herbicide, Iii. Fungicide, Iv. Insecticide, V. Termicide, Vi. Micro nutrients.
Other Items - I. Empty Bags, Ii. Water Pumps, Iii. Hose & Accessories.
Tender Detail : Please refer tender notice/documents for more details.
Tender Location : Abuja - Nigeria
Tender Closing Date : 28/02/2021 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 28/02/2021 at 00:00 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Ball Bearings - Non-electrical Machinery   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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